Click here to view and print the Fundraising Collection Template.

You can use our 'Sample Fundraising Collection Template'', or create your own or ask your selected fundraising company if they have a collection sheet that comes with their fundraising program.

Tracking your fundraising progress from the beginning to the end is critical to make sure you can account for both the money and the product sold throughout the program.

Help your team be prepared, by providing some brief information about the fundraiser. We suggest you place the fundraising information right on the sheet so it is easy to remember.

Be sure to check whether tax receipts are eligible when conducting your fundraiser.

You may also want to number each fundraisers sheet as a quick reference if you decide to record the results in a spreadsheet program or just for your files.

An individual collection sheet allows you to keep a hard copy for comparison purposes at a later date for both setting goals and ordering products.

A master fundraising sheet could also be created to record the total quantity of product sold and money collected.

Bar graphs of the progress and fundraising goals can also be generated from this information! Share the success!


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